Fare Schedules


Fare Schedule (Bodalla, Dalmeny, Kianga, Narooma)

Fare prices effective January 2021

Fare Band No. of Sections Adult Concession#
1 1 - 2 $2.30 $1.10
2 3 - 6 $3.30 $1.60
3 7 - 15 $4.20 $2.10

Return tickets = Double single fare



Regional Excursion Daily (RED) ticket

The RED ticket is a $2.50 all day multi-ride ticket for use on all Symons buses for people who hold a valid;

  • Pensioner Concession eCard (NSW, Victoria or ACT) issued by Centrelink or Department of Veterans' Affairs.
  • NSW and interstate Seniors Card
  • War Widow/ers Card

No other concessional cards are accepted


  • Until midnight on day of purchase only
  • Restricted to the initial purchaser who must show their valid concession card along with their valid RED ticket at the start of each trip to verify their entitlement to travel on subsequent services that day.
  • After initial purchase, ticket can be used for unlimited trips on valid services that day without the payment of another cash fare.

Point of purchase

  • From the bus driver on boarding the bus with presentation of a valid Concession/Pensioner/War Widower card

Student Fares

Primary, Secondary, Senior Students
From/To school Price
Narooma Town Centre Refer to Concession Schedule
North Narooma Refer to Concession Schedule
Kianga Refer to Concession Schedule
Dalmeny Refer to Concession Schedule
Bodalla Refer to Concession Schedule
Bermagui Refer to Concession Schedule
*with SSTS Pass. ^$FREE

Return tickets = Double single fare

Student Free Travel Pass

*Your child may be eligible for a School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) Pass.
Save on bus fares and get subsidised.

^Pass must be presented each time of boarding otherwise student fares apply.

Applications for free school travel need to be done online www.transportnsw.info/school-students or phone 131500 for assistance

A manual form can be produced either online or by asking your bus driver.

What do I do if the Pass is Lost?

Replacement passes may be obtained at a cost of $10 by contacting our office.
Click here for a replacement pass form.

Tertiary Students

Tertiary students (e.g. University and TAFE) are eligible for Adult/Conession rates provided they have an up to date eligible student ID card present during each boarding.

#Concession Rates

School and tertiary students, jobseekers, apprentices, trainees, people with disabilities, certain ex-members of the Defence Forces, pensioners, NSW Seniors Card holders and war widows and widowers may be able to receive concessional rates.

For full list of groups that can receive consessional rates, please visit http://www.transport.nsw.gov.au/concessions 

Eligible Conession Cards

Pensioner Card issued from August 2012.
Pensioner Card issued before August 2012
Apprentice / Trainee Card
Ex-Member of the Defence Forces Pass
Jobseeker Card
NSW Blinded Soldier Pass
Vision Impaired Persons Pass
Assistance Animal Permit
Companion Card
War Widow or Widower Card
Seniors Card
World War 1 Veteran's Pass

Proof of age card


Proof of Age cards (and replacement cards) are generally issued by the school the young person attends. Applications can be made to the RailCorp Passes and Concessions Office by students during vacation periods, and by young people who are home schooled, not enrolled in a school, or from interstate.
Applications will need to be supported by proof of identity, age, and the school (where applicable).

How long the card can be used

The card is valid until the young person's 16th birthday (except on some private ferry services, where it is valid until their 15th birthday – check with the operator prior to travel). The Proof of Age card will show the age of the holder at the date of application as well as the date at which they reach the cut off age.


No fee applies for the initial Proof of Age card or any replacement.


Terms and Conditions

  1. To gain student fare, you must present your current educational student ID.
  2. To gain student free fare, you must present your current SSTS Pass
  3. Healthcare Cards DO NOT entitle persons to concession fares.
  4. Bicycles and animals (except guide dogs) will not be carried
  5. Fares listed above are intended as a guide only. Variations can occur, subject to pick up and set down locations.